Features of the Electronic Medical Records System


ONC Certified

ONC Certified as a Complete EHR

Patient Demographics

Track patient demographics

Primary information (name, date of birth, sex, identification)

Marital status

Contact information of patient and patient's employer

Primary provider

HIPAA information

Language and ethnicity

Insurance coverage

Deceased Tracking

Fully Customizable

Patient Scheduling

Patient Flow Board, Tracking, and Reporting

Supports multiple facilities

Patient appointment notification via email and sms

Recall (reminders) Board

Compact and flexible appointment calendar

Calendar features include:

Find open appointment slots

Categories for appointment types

Colors associated with appointment types and facility

Repeating appointments

Restricting appointments based on type

Random Patient Drug Screening

Electronic Medical Records



Basic FHIR Support


Medical Issues



Forms and clinical notes:

Vitals (growth charts included)

SOAP note

Review of systems

Eye (Ophthalmology/Optometry) Module

Template Driven Forms

CAMOS (Computer Aided Medical Ordering System)

Nation Notes (WYSIWYG editor)

Ability to create and customize forms


Online drug search

Track patient prescriptions and medications

Create and send prescriptions

Customizable layout including options for DEA, NPI and state license numbers.

In-house pharmacy dispensary support

Medical Billing

Clinical Decision Rules

Patient Portal


Multilanguage Support

Supports use of multiple languages within the same clinic